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Bushypark Treatment Centre

Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre is a 13 bed facility providing a 28 day residential treatment programme for people addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

The programme is based on a Biopsychosocial abstinence model of treatment which recognises that complex interactions between various biological, psychological and social factors appear to contribute to the development of addiction problems.

Bushypark Treatment Centre
Bushypark grounds

The Centre offers

  • Assessment
  • Residential treatment
  • Free support group meetings
  • Family support
  • Education programmes
  • Dedicated Women’s Group
  • Outreach programmes
  • Post-treatment supports
  • Community based supports
  • Drop-in services

The centre also offers Dual Diagnosis assessments, treatment and aftercare for clients with an underlying mental health issue in addition to an addiction issue; this is supported by a clinical psychiatrist in Bushypark.

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Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre continues to be fully accredited by CHKS, an internationally recognised awarding body for Healthcare Services.

To access any of Bushypark programmes, clients may self-refer or be referred by family, doctors, employers etc.

Services are open to anyone aged over 18 from any part of the country or abroad.

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