Adult Counselling Service

The Clarecare Adult Counselling Service provides individual counselling support to adults.  People seek counselling for a variety of reasons.  In the main, people want to develop and enhance personal skills and resources to cope with life difficulties such as bereavement, relationship difficulties and financial worries.  This Counselling Service is offered to adults in our Ennis Office.  It is provided on a one-to-one basis and we offer six to ten sessions.

You are welcome to refer yourself to the service or you may be referred by your G.P. or other agency.  We frequently have a waiting list for the service but we endeavour to meet  with you as soon as possible after you make contact.  It is a low cost service on a sliding scale up from €10 per session.   It is staffed by two part-time, accredited, experienced counsellors.

In 2017 our counselling services received 174 referrals.

We had 813 counselling sessions.

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