Clarecare Parenting Programmes

Parents Plus 1-6 Years Programme

Would you like to know the best way to manage tantrums and other behaviour problems? Would you like to learn new ways to help your child behave well and to develop a good relationship with your child? The Parents Plus 1-6 years programme helps parents to communicate positively and effectively with their children and to promote their children’s learning, and good behaviour.

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Parents Plus 6-11 Years Programme

Are you finding that you spend most of your time correcting and arguing with your school going child? Managing school going children can be quite a challenge. The 6-11 years programme draws on well researched ideas about managing children’s behaviour, encouraging good social skills, and communicating positively with children, in this age group.

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Parents Plus Teenage Programme (11-16 Years)

Are you having difficulties communicating with your teenager? Would you like to connect with and build good relationships with your teenager, while also being firm and influential in their lives? It is never too late to attend a parenting programme. This programme focuses on managing your teenager’s behaviour and needs. There is an emphasis on strengthening parent’s relationships with their teens, problem solving and on teaching teens to become more responsible.

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Parents Plus Parenting When Separated Programme

This programme is targeted at all parents who are preparing for, are going through or who have gone through separation/divorce. It aims to help parents to solve co-parenting problems focused on the needs of children, cope with the emotional impact of separation and learn stress management techniques, enhance communication with their children and with their children’s other parent.

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The Incredible Years: An Interagency Approach to Parenting

The Incredible Years (IY) is a model of early intervention which consists of interlocking, comprehensive evidence-based programmes focussing on parent, teacher and child training devised by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton(1984;1998). The IY training series aims to promote social, emotional and academic competencies of children from 0-12 years old, to prevent, reduce and treat behaviour problems, and to build on positive relationships between parents, children and schools. Incredible Years Clare, is based on an interagency approach to delivering the Incredible Years Parent, Teacher and Child training programmes and aspires to create whole school-communities where primary and preschool school staff and parents have a common skill set and work together to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of children in their school communities.

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Incredible Years Parent’s Programmes

The Incredible Years Parent’s programmes are the core component of the Incredible Years Training series. In Co. Clare, the Incredible Years School Age Parent Programme is offered to parent’s whose children attend primary schools where Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training has already commenced.

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Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training

The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) programme is delivered on a whole school-community basis, which means that all staff at an identified primary school are trained in the IY TCM programme. The programme is delivered by a combination of professionals from NEPS, HSE West Clinical Psychology Service, and teachers who have completed Incredible Years TCM facilitator training.

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Parenting Inputs

Is your school or community group interested in finding out more about parenting topics? Clarecare staff have facilitated a number of evening/morning workshop sessions in community and school settings in the past. Topics covered include relationship building with your tots and teens, managing children’s behaviour and parent’s self care.

Circle of Security Parenting Programme

Circle of Security ® (COS) is a parenting tool to promote attachment security in parent-child relationships. The reflective nature of the programme supports parents to tune in and respond to the emotional needs of their children in ways that promote secure attachment and enhance relationship experiences. This gives young children the security they need to become emotionally and socially healthy adults.

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Family Support Positive Parenting Messages

Clarecare Family Support Services have made a number of Positive Parenting Messages videos which we hope you enjoy.

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