Incredible Years Parent’s Programmes

The Incredible Years Parent’s programmes are the core component of the Incredible Years Training series. In Co. Clare, the Incredible Years School Age  Basic Parent Programme (For parents with children aged 6-12 years) is offered to parent’s whose children attend schools where Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training has already commenced. The programme is part of the “IY package ” delivered to identified school’s in Co Clare. Clarecare also delivers the Incredible Years Preschool Parent’s Programme to parents of preschool aged children (aged 3-6 years). Preschool services where staff have trained in the IY Classroom Dina programme are contacted about these programmes, and the IY Preschool Parent’s programme is also open to parents outside of these preschools.

The IY Parenting programmes focus on parent’s strengths, building on parent’s skills, confidence and the parent- child relationship.These programmes are delivered by professionals from Clarecare’s Family Support Team over 12-14 weekly sessions. Snacks are provided for participants each week.

IY School Age Basic Parent programme participants are also offered the option of a “booster” IY parent group session some months after completing the 12-14 week programme, as a once off refresher session to support parents. Parents have reported finding these “booster” sessions of great benefit in terms of reviewing skills and tips.

The IY Parenting programmes are well researched and provide parent’s with practical ideas, demonstrating new skills using video clips which parents can use at home. Parents learn about emotional regulation and can help their children grow and learn both socially and emotionally. Parents have reported benefiting greatly from the techniques illustrated and from the support offered by the group.

The Incredible Years (IY) School Age Basic Parent’s Programme

The Incredible Years (IY)  School Age Basic Parent’s Programme is the core component of the IY training series. This programme focuses on areas where parents/carers are doing well with their children already, building on this, and demonstrating new skills that parents/carers can use at home on a regular basis.

Participants learn about emotional regulation for children, and how to help their children grow and develop socially. The IY School Age Basic Parent’s programme is delivered by experienced professionals from Clarecare’s Family Support Team. The programme is delivered over 12-14 weeks for 2.5 hours per week. It is open to Mums, Dads and others who are caring for children. As this is a school based programme, it is open to parents/carers who have a child/children attending a school where IY Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) training has been undertaken by school staff, as a priority. It is also then open to parents outside of these IY trained primary schools.

School’s participating in the IY TCM training advertise the IY School Age Basic Parent’s programme. Each parenting group can accommodate a maximum number of 16 participants. Participants in these programmes come from a variety of family settings and ethnic backgrounds.

The IY School Age Basic parenting programme involves group led discussions about everyday challenges and concerns that parents/carers may have. Video examples depicting real life scenarios between parents/carers and children are used to introduce new ideas to participants and offer suggestions about managing children’s behaviour at home. Group discussions, guided by facilitators, give parents/carers an opportunity to share their experiences.

Participants who have completed this programme have reported finding tips from other parents/carers and group facilitators to be of great benefit.

Participants also enjoy:

  • Themed goodie bags related to topics being covered in the programme
  • Weekly handouts
  • Meeting other parents/carers
  • Tea/Coffee and snacks each week
  • Availability of assistance towards childcare if needed
  • Availability of The Incredible Years Parent’s book by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton from local libraries or to purchase

The IY Basic Parenting programme explores the following topics:

  • Play
  • Praise and Rewards
  • Limit Setting
  • Handling Misbehaviour

Further details on the above in relation to the IY School Age Basic parenting programme are available to download if you click on the following link: Incredible Years Clare School Age Basic Parenting Programme Information

Getting Started: Facilitators arrange to meet parents/carers who have secured a place on the IY School Age Basic parenting programme individually, before the programme begins. At this stage, participants are asked to fill in some forms with facilitators, if they are happy to do so. All information shared is entirely confidential, non- identifying, and is used for research and evaluation purposes only. Parents/Carers can chose not to complete forms but still fully participate in the programme. A coffee morning is also held for the group as an introduction to the programme, and to help participants feel relaxed and welcome.

Video Taping: In order to attain accreditation from the IY committee in Seattle USA, group facilitators need to tape themselves in action in each session. The camera is on the facilitators only and the material is viewed  to examine facilitators skills and maintain high standards of delivery.

Quotes from Previous Participants

” My child understood & really responded to things like praise, play &  good attention”

“I am very happy & positive in what I have now achieved”

For more information on the IY School Age Basic Parent’s programmes contact: . Eve Brennan, IY Development Worker,Clarecare, 4 Dooneen Pk. Toler St., Kilrush. Phone: 065 905 2817.

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