Parents Plus 1-6 Years Programme

Being the parent of a child in the pre school age range is, at times, a positive, amazing experience, and at other times, a nightmare!  Children in the 1-6 age group are learning how to assert themselves, become independant and communicate with the world around them. Both physically and emotionally children in this age group are growing and developing at lightening speed. This can leave parents struggling to cope and eager to learn how best to support their child at this life stage.

The Parents Plus 1-6 Years Programme is ideal for parents who want to maximise their children’s learning, language and social development, and reduce behaviour problems, while ensuring their children grow up happy and emotionally secure.  This programme is facilitated by professionals from Clarecare’s Family Support Team over 8 weekly 2 hour sessions. Groups are delivered in a variety of community settings throughout Co. Clare, depending on the location of participants and on the demand for the programme. There is a maximum of 15 participants per group. Mums, Dads and others who are caring for children are welcome to attend. Parents who attend the Parents Plus 1-6 years programme come from a variety of family settings and ethnic backgrounds.

Facilitators arrange to meet interested parents before the group begins. At these individual meetings parents are asked to fill in some forms if they are happy to do so. These forms provide facilitators with basic demographic details on participants and some details on their children’s behaviour. All such information is entirely confidential and is used for research and information purposes only. Parents do not have to fill in these forms, if preferred, and can still fully participate in the group.

Each week the group focuses on a new topic of relevance to children within the 1-6 age group. It draws on well researched ideas about managing children’ s behaviour, child development and building a positive relationship between parents and their preschoolers. This programme provides parents with practical ideas, using video examples of parent-child interactions. These examples illustrate ideas about being responsive as a parent, communicating with your child, behaviour management and, specifically, managing tantrums. The focus of the programme is positive and emphasises parent’s strengths.

Topics covered in the 1-6 Years Programme are:

  • Tuning into your child
  • Child centred play & communication
  • Encouraging & supporting your child
  • Expanding language & Teaching new tasks using routines & rewards
  • Understanding & responding to misbehaviour
  • The Praise-Ignore principle
  • Assertive Parenting:Taking the lead with children
  • Assertive Parenting:Following through on rules

Parents who have completed the 1-6 years programme have enjoyed meeting other parents with children in the same age group, having similar issues,and weekly handouts and tips about dealing with challenges as they arise at home. Information provided by facilitators about other services available and the opportunity to make new friends have also been of benefit to participants.

Quotes from Previous Participants

“I totally understood the group and drew from their experiences”

“The facilitator was really supportive and friendly. I could go to her with any problem”

If you would like to participate in this course or find out more, contact Michelle Barnes, Parenting Admin. Support, Clarecare at 065 68 94246 or email at to add your name to the waiting list for this course.  We will contact you when the next date is confirmed. Download our Parents Plus 1-6 leaflet.

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