Family Support Services

25 professional staff deliver a broad range of family support services throughout the county to promote healthy relationships in families, and to enhance child and parent wellbeing. The model of working acknowledges that families need support at different levels and stages. The Family Support Services works with other community and voluntary services to support children and families.

A total of 2,132 parents and children were helped in 2015.

Individual support to children and adolescents

The Community Childcare Workers provide one to one support for children in the areas of personal and social skill development. The work also involves running the groups for children and their parents. Families may refer themselves or be referred by other agencies.

Parents Support Groups

Clarecare Family Support Services facilitate a range of parenting groups to support parents. These include Parents Plus, a series of facilitated programmes on positive communication and behaviour management and the Incredible Years, a model of early intervention through Parent, Teacher and Child training programmes. A parent and toddler group is also run in Ennis.

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Children’s Groups

Summer activity programmes for children are run throughout the county. A number of issue based groups for children are also run based on need and available resources: social skills groups, transition programmes and positive mental health groups.

Springboard Project (ennis)

The Springboard Project supports children and families living in Ennis. It provides emotional, practical and advice support individually to parents and children and through groups. Families can refer directly to the project for support or be referred by other agencies.

Traveller Support

The Traveller Support Service aims to support members of the Traveller Community in Co. Clare. This service involves advocacy in relation to entitlements and supports the development of links between the Traveller Community and the wider Clare Community. The service also runs groups for young people and parents.

Parenting Support & Assesment

The Social Work Service provides parenting support and assessment for families referred by TUSLA Social Workers. The Clarecare Social Workers also facilitate the groups with parents and children in local communities.

The adolescent service

This service aims to provide support to vulnerable young people, aged 13-18 years, who are identified as potential early school leavers or at risk of being involved in criminal activity. Young people are referred to the service by TUSLA social workers.

Family Workers

The Family Workers provide support for parents in their own homes. The main focus is to support parents caring for their children, through the development and maintenance of household routines. Families are referred by TUSLA social work services. The family workers also facilitate the parents’ groups.

Advocacy Service for parents of children in care

The Advocacy Service provides individual and group support for parents whose children are in the care of TUSLA. This support aims to enhance parents’ participation in the care process.

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The Aftercare Service provides support for young people who have left, or are planning to leave, the care of TUSLA fostercare and residential services. The service is provided for young people aged 16-21 years. It aims to support the young people to live independently.

Parenting Courses

Clarecare regularly runs parenting courses for parents of children from pre-school to adolescence. Usually run over a couple of weeks with one session a week, these are very popular and give parents an opportunity to explore a variety of parenting methods and resources in a supportive environment. Contact for more information.

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